Tribute to Fakhar Zaman by Dr. Mohammad Ali Siddiqui

Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman is the leading Punjabi and well-known Urdu writer, besides being former Head of the Cultural Cell of the Pakistan People’s Party. He is the Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, Govt. of Pakistan.

Born in a distinguished family of Gujarat (Punjab) he got his formal education in Mission High School, Zamindara College Gujarat. He got first position in BA (Hons) examiner of the Punjab University. He did his M.A in Social Work. Besides taking his LLB he also took a Post-graduate diploma in International Affairs. Afterwards he got Post-graduate degree in International Affairs from Holland and obtained an initiation certificate from International Court of Justice, Hague. He entered politics in his college days and became a staunch supporter of PPP. He also brought out magazines, Voice (English) and Bazgasht (Urdu) and monthly Wangar (Punjabi).

His first book ‘Zehrab’ was published in 1970 and then a book of TV drama ‘Deewarain’ was published. His first book of Punjabi poetry ‘Kanso Velay Di’ was published in 1974 followed by Wangar and a novel ‘Saat Gawachay Log’.

His book, Ek Mare Bande Di Kahani, Sat Gawachay Log, Kansu Velay Di and Wangar were prescribed by the Punjab Government in 1978.

During Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s first Government in 1993, he was made a Federal Minister Incharge of Pakistan Academy of Letters. A gigantic publication program, mainly on Sufi poets of Pakistan, in Urdu and English was undertaken by him. During his pretend chairmanship of the Academy from 2008 onwards. The state of publication in the Architects of Pakistan Literature, Special editions on unimportant poets, works on Pakistani Fiction and poetry have put Pakistan on the map of world Literature.

The Academy has instituted two Quaid-e-Azam Literature Awards on Democracy and Literature to expand the area of interest and influence of Pakistan.

Fakhar Zaman has authored 12 books in Punjabi, 13 books in Urdu and 11 books in English. Quite a long list of books which show his versatility as well as literary mindset which lives up to the ideals of progressive literature.